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  1. i love your review, and agree with nearly all of your points!
    the CGI is just… breathtaking, and yes, I have seen many C dramas the last few years, and they are obviously have made a huge leap since the 90s (damn those ancient ages, the dramas were gruesome).

    but CLJ really, its the entire package, the actors, the stories, and how it was put together… seamless.
    if just one element would not have been on equal footing, the rest might have fall apart, but like this… if there was no nirvana in fire, or snow sword stride order joy of life, damn, this show might have topple everything else, no matter how cheesy the love trope story is!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment Ender! The CGI is amazing when watching it on the IQIYI website or app. Unfortunately, Netflix’s stream of CLJ makes the CGI look terrible. 🙁

      It’s definitely my favourite drama of 2022! I wish I could rewatch it again with fresh eyes.

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